ev block foundation

The EV Block Foundation serves a universal foundation for EV chargers.

revolutionary ev blocks


Introducing EV Blocks, an innovative precast concrete foundation designed specifically for electric vehicle (EV) charging points. Featuring a universal adaptor plate and strategically placed side openings for conduit installation, EV Blocks offer unparalleled versatility. Our universal adaptor plate allows for the installation of below ground infrastructure even before the specific EV charger has been chosen, ensuring the futureproofing of your project. With the majority of installed chargers being Level 2, our Standard EV Block is the ideal solution, seamlessly compatible with almost all chargers available on the market. The convenience provided by EV Blocks surpasses any other product in the industry, saving valuable time, money, and minimizing stress for contractors and owners alike. Rest assured, our product meets the highest quality standards, delivering a consistently uniform finish with each installation.


The EV Block serves as a universal foundation for EV chargers, accommodating a wide range of options found in the current US market. This unique feature enables you to complete the groundwork for your EV charging station even before making a decision on which specific electric car charger to invest in. By taking this proactive approach, businesses can maintain flexibility, avoid disruptions, and future-proof their installations. Our EV charger foundation is not only sustainable and reliable, but also 100% recyclable, adding value through its versatility. With the EV Block, you gain access to a significantly broader selection without compromising on quality. As a result, you can deliver exceptional service to electric vehicle drivers while minimizing any potential delays.


EV Blocks, as precast pedestals, are designed for immediate installation upon arrival. With a uniform structure and finish, each EV Block delivers a visually consistent appearance. The universal adapter incorporated within accommodates a wide variety of EV chargers, ensuring compatibility. The concrete base of the EV Blocks guarantees stability and durability, while the installation process requires just nine simple and efficient steps. Offering unmatched convenience, EV Blocks surpass any other fitting system available for EV chargers. By utilizing EV Blocks, you save valuable time, money, and alleviate stress, all while adhering to the highest quality standards in the industry.


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