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what is it?

Precast Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plants are industrial wastewater treatment systems designed to treat wastewater from commercial and industrial sources. These systems use physical, chemical, and biological processes to remove pollutants from the wastewater and produce clean, treated water for reuse or discharge. The system includes precast concrete tanks with chambers, which are used to separate solids from the wastewater. The wastewater then flows through a series of different treatment processes, such as sedimentation, coagulation, flocculation, aeration, nitrification, and disinfection, to remove pollutants and produce clean treated water. Precast Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plants are a cost-effective and efficient way to treat wastewater from commercial and industrial sources.

who’s it for?

The Masterson Commercial Wastewater Treatment System is used when you need to treat more gallons of waste per day (GPD). If you are a large business or a developer, you will need to determine how many GPD will be required for your project. This is where the Masterson tanks come into play. Contact us to help you determine what size Masterson Commercial Wastewater Treatment Plant will be right for your project.

the process

We require a questionnaire to be filled out that asks a series of questions regarding your project. CTS needs this information to determine the size of the Masterson Treatment Plant you will need. CTS will work with the client as well as an engineering firm to design a system using our products that will satisfy the state and county minimum requirements and the developer’s needs. As soon as you obtain the necessary permits for your project, CTS will begin construction of your Masterson Treatment Plant. CTS provides a turn-key package. We manufacture and install the Masterson Treatment System on-site for your project. These plants start at 12,000 GPD and go up to 96,000 GPD and are built in 6,000 GPD increments. Please contact us for additional information.

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